What are the potential health risks of beta-cyfluthrin? Is beta-cyfluthrin also safe for children, pregnant women, and pets?

If a person (including a young child or pregnant woman) or animal were to swallow, breathe or touch the chemical after application, the individual or animal is not likely to become ill. If the chemical comes into contact with the skin or eyes before it has dried, some individuals may have short term irritation that will likely disappear within 12 hours.

At the beginning of the study, you will receive a product label for Tempo SC Ultra (beta-cyfluthrin) that contains detailed information about the product. If you think you may have become sick during the study, please contact your doctor. Western Connecticut State University cannot offer referrals, treatment, or compensation if you are injured (or experience a temporary side effect from exposure to beta-cyfluthrin) from being in this study.

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